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The premium services that we provide are as below.

  • Data Science Consulting
  • Custom Data Science Solutions
  • Analytics of any sort of huge data
  • System Automation through Data
  • Machine Learning support for Data
  • Research Support for Data Scientists
  • Internet of Things Data Analytics

Data Science Consulting

By analyzing your data acquisition, storage, and reporting techniques, we will help you or your organization define the strategies required to work on the data and get them to the next stage.

Some general examples include:

  • Best format to store the data
  • Defining the methods for data import and export
  • Data process and quality assessments 
  • Data flow analysis
  • System design reviews and auditing

Custom Data Science Solutions

We help you to choose appropriate Data science strategy that can take multiple challenges in business. Whether you are looking for several data sources or having questions on a specific type of data, we can use our experience in predictive analytics, data science and data visualization to help extract value from data from different shapes and sizes. 

Some examples of the services we could provide are:

  • Fraud Detection algorithms
  • ​Supply chain predictive analytics
  • Product recommendation systems
  • Acquisition of new customers and marketing strategy
  • Maximizing customer loyalty programs
  • Creating product prediction models
  • Analytics of text data in unstructured format

Analytics of any sort of huge data

Handling of a big data is critical and time consuming task in Data Science. We provide support services and algorithms so that analytics of such data becomes easy and smooth.

Some examples of the services we could provide are:

  • Complex text data
  • Data with multiple images
  • Raw formatted data
  • Data present over the cloud

System Automation through Data

We build the automation systems through Internet of Things based application design using Raspberry Pi. The data analysis of the data collected through sensors is done by the Python based Machine Learning systems.

Some examples of the services we could provide are:

  • Design of IoT Systems using Raspberry Pi
  • Collection of data from different sensors
  • Creation of automation systems
  • Action Triggering based on data collection

Machine Learning support for Data

Machine Learning are the self learning based algorithms which uses the Human experience to perform any sort of predictions. We support to identify, analyse and characterize the Machine Learning systems for the Data Science projects. The algorithms includes all facilities needed to develop an software based automation application.

Some examples of the services we could provide are:

  • Building the classification systems
  • Using and analyzing the regression algorithms
  • Identifying the clustering techniques needed to form data groups
  • Developing a recommender system
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Ensembling the algorithms.
  • Computer Vision through Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Research Support for Data Scientists

Data Science problem analysis is one of the critical task. We help to support the professionals who work on Data Science having queries and difficulties in problem solving. The consultation is done for all of the topics mentioned above.